Arteta promotes his team’s determination to fight and not give up

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Arteta promotes his team’s determination to fight and not give up, leading Arsenal to victory.

Mikel Arteta’s performances against Manchester United in the league were won five, drawn one and lost two.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said after the home game that beat Manchester United 3-1 in a game full of many twists and turns in this game.

Arsenal scored three goals from Martin Edegaard, Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus, with the latter two coming in injury time.

“Excellent, we all worked hard according to the plan to get this atmosphere after the game. saw the fans return to be part of the team again Celebrating big game wins Of course there we are very happy.”

“But we still have things to think about. Especially with the goal conceding going on. We’re talking about losing the ball in our game. And it caused damage to the point of losing the goal. We missed that again. In the second half they almost did it again. But in the end, the door didn’t happen. Other than that, the other parts of the game, the victory, the determination, the hunger of the team that showed with the heart to keep going. keep going forward I am proud of what the team has shown.”

“For every team Competition is game after game, over and over if you don’t win a game. And it happens in the second, third or fourth game, you still have 34 more games to play. So concentrate on a game-by-game basis. play naturally. According to the ทางเข้า ufabet And the results will come out by themselves. At the end of 38 games, the results will tell you what you did. Now all we can do is concentrate on the game. Everything is still very far away. And it’s only just begun.”