Rice open up about his first score in front of fans

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Rice open up about his first score in front of fans after leading Arsenal to victory in injury time.

  • Rice scores his first goal against Arsenal
  • Arsenal have won at home against Manchester United for the third season in a row.

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice said after their 3-1 home win over Manchester United in the Premier League ahead of the international break in the next two weeks.

Arsenal won the game in injury time. Taking a 2-1 lead in the 6th minute of injury time from Rice. Before getting goal seal the victory from Gabriel Jesus three minutes later. Ready to finish by grabbing three points.

“Scoring goals and feeling the whole stadium was full of relief to get three points in such an important game. It was unbelievable the football we play. return to victory. We have seen the fight, team spirit and hunger for victory from a very young team. I saw the hearts and hearts of all the players who didn’t want to give up.”

“The idea of ​​playing, the mind and the energy of playing. We are building these things. And it’s not finish yet. The manager motivates every day. We want to be better Want to learn more And this team has the potential to do those things.” Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet