Vlahovic denies bullshit about teammate fans.

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Serbia striker Dushan Vlahovic has held his own press conference in response to nonsensical rumors claiming. He had an affair with his team-mates during the football World Cup.

Serbia striker Dushan Vlahovic has responded to the spread of false claims made by Luke Wilson. That he did not start at the 2022 World Cup. The Serb are fueled by frustration at building a relationship with fellow fans. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Thursday. 

After a journalist named Wilson published a message via Twitter explaining. That Vlahovic did not start for Serbia due to frustration with the team. It could have been an affair with the girlfriend of Mallorca goalkeeper Predrak Raikovic during the World Cup. UFABET When the Serfs were blocked in their camp. 

Vlahovic played only 24 minutes as a substitute, and Serbia coach Dragan Stojovic confirmed. That the 22-year-old striker was not physically fit until Vlahovic decided to issue a press conference to clarify the issue by myself. 

‘It’s a complete nonsense created by people who have nothing better to do,’ Vlahovic said. 

‘I am ready to legally protect my reputation if necessary. What was said was a lie and the atmosphere in the team was very good. Our goal now is a game against Switzerland And it’s sad that they talk about something else.’

It’s unusual that Vlahovich felt it necessary to publicly deny such stories, but Wilson’s subsequent deletion of the tweet may indicate that the information was untrue. Or he might fear legal action or both.