Juventus will hit for sure! UEFA opens financial exam.

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European football confederation Confirmed the opening of an investigation into Juventus finances that suggest fraud and refurbishment accounts. After the board of directors has just resigned in a whole set.

Zebra announced two days ago that the entire board of directors. Including chairman Andrea Agnelli and club legend Pavel Nedved were vice-presidents. Has successfully resigned from the position.

The main reason Italian media reports are that they are currently under investigation for overpriced player transfers between 2018 and 2020. UFABET And suspected of misrepresenting transfer fees to manipulate accounts.

Recently, European Football Federation (UEFA) has confirmed that the Club Financial Control Board has also investigated the financial affairs of the famous Italian club. Previously, there was also an Italian agency to investigate.  

“Club Financial Control Board It has opened a formal investigation against Juventus for possible breaches of Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play rules.” a UEFA statement confirmed.

The investigative agency wanted to prove that Juventus players were not actually paid for a single month. The remaining three months are still normal according to the secret agreement. Which is different from what Juventus has stated and is suspected of doing so for tax evasion.

“Given the current situation of legal and accounting issues. The Board of Directors considers it in the best interests of Juventus and recommends. That the club appoint a new Board of Directors to deal with these issues.” the official statement

read. Herodotus will cooperate with the authorities. without bias to protect the rights of the club. Regarding financial accounting and communication disputes charged by government agencies”