Holland will open a big battle with Argentina.

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Holland boss Louis van Gaal has lashed out at Argentina by declaring it is time for a comeback against the Latin giants in Friday’s clash. With the two football teams facing each other in the round of eight. Teams of the World Cup 2022.

Holland will open a big battle with Argentina to determine which team will win a place in the playoffs. And it was a game in which the Orange Knights coach was determined to lead the team. To the ultimate victory to pay revenge for the 2014 World Cup semi-final against the Blue White team. With a penalty shootout decided after both teams drew 0-0 in 120 minutes UFABET.

Following Argentina’s victory, they advanced to the final against Germany, but lost 1-0 in extra time.

“Messi is a player who can decide the outcome with one stroke. In the semis against Argentina in 2014, he didn’t touch the ball. And we lost on penalties. Now we want revenge,” Van Gaal said on December 6, with the Dutch team currently unbeaten for 19 games.

On the chance to win the 2022 world championship, Van Gaal stated, “I said we could win the world championship, but I didn’t say we would win the world championship and if in the end we couldn’t. We cannot say that we have failed.”

Finally, the veteran coach spoke about the retirement he had announced after the World Cup in Qatar, with the Holland national team having appointed Ronald Koeman as his replacement. “I would ideally retire. But anything is possible.”

It is believed that LVG may change their minds after Roberto Martinez leaves Belgium, with Van Gaal jokingly saying he is interested in replacing the Spaniard.