Forlan believes Joao Felix would be better.

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Joao Felix would have been a better player according to Diego Forlan. The 23-year-old left Atletico Madrid for another football club.

Former Uruguay and Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlan considers Joao Felix to be a very good player. And the Portugal forward could be a better player. If moving from the Bear Brand team to play with another club. According to a report from Marca on Thursday. 

Joao Felix is ​​a difficult case to deal with at Atletico Madrid after the 23-year-old attacker continues to perform inconsistently. And has been dropped by Diego Simeone from the starting team this season. Before it was reported that the player had conflicts with the Argentine coach. UFABET And was seeking a way out of the ‘Cbitas Metropolitano’ in January. 

Meanwhile, former Atletico Madrid striker Forlan is also concerned that Joao Felix’s development could be stalled and believes the Portuguese forward would be better off leaving. from the Bears team

‘Joao Felix is ​​a very good player. He is young and has a lot of quality. They paid a lot of money for him. And he still hasn’t played as expected. But he’s still very young.’

‘There have been rumors about the possibility of him leaving Atletico Madrid and if he does. He can increase his efficiency. I believe in that It happened many times, for example Philippe Coutinho played a few times for Inter and when he moved to Liverpool he improved a lot.’ says Forlan.