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Where can I find the best ensaladilla in town? And the best tortilla or patatas bravas? Where do locals go for a fine wine? Which is the trendiest and coolest restaurant right now? What is the best museum to go to with my kids? Which exhibition should I not miss? Find all this and much more in Punto City Guides, a new set of free apps that give you the best tips and recommendations for your visit to Madrid and Barcelona.

Most guides or search engines do not make any distinction between what’s just average and what’s extra special. Punto Guides are very selective, as they are curated by local experts and updated daily. Art & design, theatres, galleries, dance, music, cinemas, bars, new & old taverns, museums, deli shops… fresh content that is worth visiting. Our listings only feature places with that little something that makes them special.

Organised in a wide variety of categories that range from nightlife to days/weekends away, clubbing, cocktails, culture, comfort food, authentic Spanish restaurants, fashion or ‘only in Madrid or Barcelona’, these new free apps also include an updated list of the must-see events in town.

In addition to these picks, our apps feature special off-the-beaten-track plans. Learning to weave, plate painting in a chic workshop, diving into the beer-making world, dining among olive trees, cooking at a museum or sleeping with sharks are onGuía Punto Barcelona en españolly some of the plans that you might find in our guides, and you can rest assured that they’re always up-to-date.

With over 300 recommendations each, Madrid and Barcelona are only the first cities on offer. There will be more guides coming soon for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Where should we go?

No maps or printed guides needed. No more struggling with the locals to find out that nice and cosy coffee shop where you can chill out over a warm drink. Find out what is worth seeing nearby with a click. See our picks within a given area and access all the information from our map.

Once you have made up your mind and know where you want to go, our apps will guideApp Guía Punto Madrid en inglés you there using the phone’s GPS and Compass. And if you find the place particularly pleasant, you can always add it to your ‘favourites’, the section of the app where you save your top picks.

“The app for our friends”
“Our apps only recommend what we really like, the places we like to take our friends. And that is actually how we started. Three friends that decided to develop something that we could not find in the app market” explains Pau Guardans, president of Unico hotels and, along with journalists Álvaro Castro and Juan Munguía, founder of Punto Guides.

Castro points out: “There are no exchanges or commercial agreements whatsoever with the places we include in our lists. Punto Guides are a kind of local curator on your mobile. And we only pick what we like”.

“There is plenty of information on the Internet and mobile devices”, adds Munguía, “but quantity does not mean quality. I do not want to know how many fish restaurants there are around La Rambla. That is something I can find in a hundred places. But if you can tell me where locals go for fresh scallops, that’s another story…”